Jeff M.
The ice cream is perfect. There are other Mexican ice cream shops that try new flavors like tres leches ice cream or mangonada ice cream but this place doesn't. They make traditional ice cream flavors like vanilla, rocky road, and chocolate but it's perfect. You can tell they make ice cream in house because of the flavor. The ice cream isn't overly sweet, it doesn't taste like it melted to a liquid and refroze to a solid again or it's close to becoming ice like I've had at other places. Anyways, I tried my daughters green mint, amazing. My strawberry short ice ice cream hit the spot. I got to try a few bites of other flavors and I do have to say rocky road and Nutella are amandine. The best flavor has to be the coffee ice cream. Wow. Definitely a must return.
Desiree N.
I love this place!! My whole family goes here all the time and they always recognize us, they're so sweet their deserts are so good and the crema they make with the fruit is delicious!
Andrea S.
Awesome ice cream shop. Nutella ice cream, rocky road, strawberry cheese cake are just a few of the delicious ice cream flavors to choose from. Come support this small business.
Ariella P.
Yum! We just discovered las mariposas on yelp and enjoyed a scoop for dessert on a hot Saturday night. It's not the fanciest ice cream place and serves a variety of snacks. The Nutella ice cream was creamy and delicious.
Beatrix M.
This place is Amazing!!! So much delicious Mexican candy's. The ice cream is so good and a great price especially for the whole family !!! For sure our new go to ice cream stop !
Yatzin I.
Great place to eat a Mexican snack!! They have great mangoniadas and Tostilocos at a great price! Their staff is super nice and their store is always clean! Definitely recommend it! It beats having to drive to colfax to get the same food.
Jessica P.
We live so close to here and finally made it in and all I can say is wow!!! I haven't had smooth ice cream like this since Thriftys in California growing up. So many options, candy, ice cream, nachos! We will be back!